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Media Gallery v1.4.6

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Quelques jours à peine après la sortie de la version 1.4.5 une nouvelle version du plugin Media Gallery pour gérer vos médias (images, sons et vidéos) est disponible avec la correction de quelques bugs, une amélioration du code html pour le passage à la validation du ainsi qu'un nouveau tag (img:) I am proud to announce the release of Media Gallery v1.4.6. This release contains a few bug fixes, some auto tag enhancements and several HTML validation fixes. There is a new auto tag, the img: auto tag - this will return just the plain HTML code for a Media Gallery image, no borders or other formatting is added. I have tried to identify and track down several HTML validation errors for the release as well. For a detailed list of files that have changed between v1.4.5 and v1.4.6 see the fielist in the distribution.

Media Gallery v1.4.6 ChangeLog

* [new] Added global configuration options in config.php to set the default values for each auto tag parameter.
* [new] Added img: auto tag - just returns <img> - link: and src: are valid parameters.
* [new] Added config.php option to disable ImageMagick from using the +profile "*" command line option - found to cause problems with ImageMagick on Solaris. By removing the +profile "*" command any EXIF/IPTC data will be left in the thumbnail image. This does not cause a problem, but can increase the size of the thumbnail image.
* [new] Added ability to disable JPG original conversion on a per file basis when using Browser Upload
* [new] Added album usage size to the Batch Delete Album list
* [fix] Fixed hard coded english text in search results
* [fix] Fixed the installation and upgrade to add the media_keywords column to the media queue database table. This fixes the issue of the SQL error when moderation is turned on.
* [fix] Added safety check to insure album_display_rows is set to a positive value.
* [fix] Fixed issues with tabbed menu interface not properly working with RTL display and IE - disable if RTL
[fix] Added logic to force display rows / columns to default values if they are not set, this resolves some random division by 0 errors if this value is not properly set in system options.
* [fix] Fixed some HTML validation issues with auto tags - removed all the align=center parms in the <img> tag.
* [fix] Fixed issue where empty slideshow (no image media) could cause a JavaScript error
* [fix] Cleaned up several HTML validation issues in templates
* [fix] MG would error when listing the user profile if there was a non-image media item in the recent upload list.

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