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Forum 2.6 RC2 et Captcha 2.0

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La deuxième RC du plugin forum ver2.6 est disponible. Le mois passé, il y a eu 700 téléchargements et quelques "questions" ont fait surface. Cette nouvelle mouture inclus un fichier texte récapitulant les changements.

Mark Evans l'auteur du plugin Media Gallery propose la nouvelle version 2.0 de son plugin Captcha. Le nouveau forum prend en compte ses changements pour permettre la vérification Captcha pour tous les utilisateurs ou les utilisateurs anonymes uniquement. Le site utilise maintenant la version RC2 du plugin, merci de signaler d'éventuels bugs sur son forum. Si cette version se révéle sans aucune modification majeure, alors Blaine Lang pourra proposer une version finale d'ici quelques semaines. Il n'y a aucun changement dans la structure de la base de données, seulement dans les fichiers. La meilleure option pour une mise à jour est de remplacer tous les fichiers du programme et du template ou se reporter au "changed files log". C'est le bon moment pour envoyer toutes les traductions de langue à inclure dans la version finale.

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[ Forum Version 2.6 RC2 Released ]

The second release candidate for the Forum plugin ver2.6 has just been released. In the past month, there have been 700 downloads and a few issues have surfaced. The new release includes a text file summarizing the changes.

Mark Evans will be releasing a new version of his Captcha Plugin and this release includes his changes for the forum to be able to support using Captcha verification for all users or just anonymous users. This site is now running the RC2 version, so please report any issues. If this release does not not reveal any major issues, then I will be able to release a final version in a few weeks.

There are no database changes, only file changes. Best option is to replace all the program files and templates or view the changed files log. This would be a good time to send me any language translations to be included in the final release.

[ CAPTCHA v2.0 Released ]

I am pleased to announce the release of CAPTCHA v2.0 Plugin for Geeklog. CAPTCHA 2.0 provides an additional level of defense against spam bots. This new release builds upon the original gl-captcha hack and now provides easier installation and easier integration with Geeklog and other plugins. I

Beginning with CAPTCHA v2.0 there has been a joint effort with the Geeklog development team to add support for using this plugin with several core Geeklog features. Starting with Geeklog v1.4.1, if the CAPTCHA v2.0 plugin is installed, you can now enable CAPTCHA support for the following Geeklog functions:

* New user registration
* Post comment
* Email user
* Email story
* Story submission

This integration does not require any code modifications to the Geeklog distribution, support is there out of the box.

Also, beginning with Forum v2.6 from, support for using the CAPTCHA plugin is also available. Forum v2.6 will support displaying the CAPTCHA block on the topic entry screen.

I would like to express my thanks to Dirk and Blaine for allowing these integrations with Geeklog and the Forum plugin and for their ideas and feedback on implementation.

Enabling support for the core Geeklog features and the Forum integration is controlled in the CAPTCHA config.php file. The following items can be configured:

* Anonymous users only (only display CAPTCHA block if user is not logged in)
* New user registration on / off
* Post comment on / off
* Email user on / off
* Email story on / off
* Story submission on / off
* Forum topic entry on / off
* Graphics driver (GD Libs, ImageMagick, none)
* Graphics Format (jpg or png)

For existing gl-captcha users there are no major feature enhancements to require upgrading unless you wish to take advantage of the Geeklog v1.4.1 or Forum v2.6 integration.

The implementation of the Geeklog custom registration has changed so if you plan on upgrading and still using the custom registration integration, please see the install_doc.html file included in the distribution for details on upgrading.

Support for CAPTCHA v2.0 can be found at or the Plugin Support forum at

CAPTCHA Pros and Cons

Whether or not a CAPTCHA implementation is the correct solution to meet your needs is only a question you can answer. CAPTCHAs do have drawbacks; the main drawback to any CAPTCHA implementation is that is makes it almost impossible for visually impaired individuals to use. In some cases, even those users who are not visually impaired may have a difficult time reading the CAPTCHA string since they are designed to be difficult to read. Also, there may be accessibility laws in your area that you must conform to as well.

CAPTCHAs are not fool proof and they are not a final solution against spam bots. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) has been used to break many CAPTCHA implementations. Also, there have been reports on using cheap 'sweat shop' labor to get around CAPTCHA implementations by having people perform the registrations en mass. See Wikipedia for a more detailed discussion on drawbacks and how CAPTCHA can be circumvented.

CAPTCHA is only one layer of protection against spam bots. You should consider using the other protections available for the latest release of Geeklog, the Bad Behavior plugin, Dirk's SLV Spam-X class and trackback validation.