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Forum Version 2.6 Final Released

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Voici la cinquième et définitive version du plugin forum. Pas de changement majeur donc une mise à jour simple en remplaçant simplement les fichiers obsolètes.

Download Forum 2.6 Final Released The 5th and final release candidate of the forum project version 2.6 has just been released. It's been a few months of work and I appreciate the testing and feedback by the community. I'm sure there are a few remaining issues but it's been well tested over the past few months.

I've included a summary of the changes and you can refer to the plugin which includes a txt file outlining all the changed files.
There are no database changes so all that should be required is to replace the changed files or complete directories. Existing sites running a previous RC release do not need to run any upgrade/update - just replace all the plugin files.

Download Link Please post feedback and issues in the forums on My Site or in the Plugins Support forum on this site

* Fixed issue where the Gravatar images were not being displayed
* Forum admin -> Delete Category now shows if category has no forums
* Added rel=nofollow to temporary links like latest topic
* Fixed small layout issue with Topic heading
* Added Re-Sync of Forum topic when using the story migrate feature to update counters
* Fixed several issues with Move Topic and move post feature - update last post info related
* Fixed issue where "View New Posts" would not appear
* Fixed issue with the View New Posts report
* Added advanced search types to plugin search feature [Mark Evans]
* Re-Sync the forum now after migrating stories to the forum to update forum indexes.
* Removed hopefully all the places the forum id was being passed in links - just need topic id
* Disabled error reporting on all calls to the PHP Function htmlspecialchars. Eliminates the error that was being reported by htmlspecialchars() when using ISO-8859-9 which is not one of the allowed charsets. Found that if you put a @ infront of the htmlspecialchars() call, it will default back to ISO-8859-1 and not report
* Added missing language message displayed when you upgraded the plugin