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Geeklog 1.5.2 est disponible

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Geeklog 1.5.2  est maintenant disponible au téléchargement. Cette version est une maintenance de la série 1.5.x qui corrige quelques bugs et inclus aussi quelques nouveautés comme l'amélioration de la qualité des images avec la librairie GD. Si vous êtes encore à la série 1.4 il va falloir penser à mettre à jour prochainement.


  • Fixed a bug in the story preview where the story content was lost when previewing a story with a duplicate story ID.
  • Fixed another bug in the story preview that caused extra backslashes to appear in the story's title.
  • The Trackback editor didn't work since the security token was missing from the editor template.
  • Fixed issues with clickable links in plain text postings.
  • Fixed various problems with updating feeds, e.g. when changing topic permissions.

Fixes in the bundled Plugins

  • Calendar: You couldn't add a new event to your personal calendar.
  • Links: Changing a link's ID to one that was already in use overwrote the other link.
  • Polls: Changing a poll's ID created a new poll. Also fixed an SQL error when the poll question contained single quotes.
  • Static Pages: Saving a static page changed the owner to the user who saved it.