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Media Gallery v1.4.7

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La nouvelle version 1.4.7 du plugin Media Gallery est maintenant disponible. Peu de changement depuis la version précédente à part quelques correctifs. L'amélioration principale concerne la possibilité d'afficher automatiquement l'album d'un membre en première page lorsque celui-ci se connecte, ce qui lui permet de localiser plus facilement son album. I am proud to announce the release of Media Gallery v1.4.7. This release contains a few small bug fixes and a few small enhancements. The main enhancement is the ability to have a member's album automatically display on the front page when they log in. This will help the user easily find their member album.

Only a few files were changed between v1.4.6 and v1.4.7, please see the enclosed filelist document for a list of all changed files. This should make upgrading a bit easier.

Media Gallery v1.4.7 ChangeLog

* [new] Added new text string for What's New listing so it can all be capitalized like others.
* [new] On image auto tags, added the caption as the alt / title tag
* [new] Added ability to 'feature' each members album, so whey they log in, their main member album will show on the home page in the featured spot.
* [chg] Media Gallery will no longer honor the Geeklog $_CONF['loginrequired'] setting, instead you will control anonymous access through Media Gallery's System Options.
* [chg] Modified search.php to accept parameters via GET and POST
* [fix] Display Options - Only allowed a maximum of 9 rows for the index page. Now allows up to 999 incase you do not want paging.
* [fix] Under certain circumstances the moderator group id is not properly set before save.
* [fix] Added proper CSS class to site stats headers to fix alignment issues
* [fix] Featured album did not properly set {site_url} template var
* [fix] Fixed issue in logviewer where currently viewed log file would not properly select if register_globals=off
* [fix] Site stats used some hard coded language string, replaced with language file references.
* [fix] Site stats did not show anything for title if no title entered, now show album title and 'no title available' message.
* [fix] When importing member albums from another gallery system, the member album attribute is not set. Running Reset Member Album Create Flag should fix this, but there was a bug if the user didn't already exist in the Media Gallery user preference table the flag was not properly set.
* [fix] When editing AV Defaults - MG was not displaying the current settings
* [fix] Fixed alignment issue with auto tags, they would not honor the default setting at all times.

Standard Upgrade Process

2. SAVE YOUR TEMPLATES IF YOU HAVE MADE MODIFICATIONS! You will need to re-apply your customizations to the templates after the upgrade.
3. DISABLE THE MEDIA GALLERY PLUGIN - There are changes to the database layout that could cause problems if you use the Random Image block or auto tags.
Refer to the installation instructions for New Installations for detailed instructions on uploading the new Media Gallery distribution to your server. If you are prompted to overwrite existing files, be sure to answer Yes.
4. Go to the Geeklog Plugins Menu (from the Geeklog Administrator’s menu).
5. Select mediagallery plugin.
6. You should have an UPDATE button, select it.
7. Re-enable the Media Gallery Plugin
8. If all goes well, the upgrade should be complete. If there were errors, please review your logs/error.log and correct any issues and try the UPDATE again.