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Un nouveau thème pour la prochaine mouture

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Geeklog version 1.5.0 sera prochainement disponible, l'équipe de développement procède aux derniers réglages. Le thème principal sera remanié aussi et devrait ressembler à ceci :
Au programme de ce nouveau thème :

-Tableless layout structure. Everything is DIV and CSS based.

-SEO (Search Engine Optimization where the center "story" column comes
first in the code, followed by the leftblocks and rightblocks).

-Modular CSS files. CSS is separated by global layout, menu styling,
color (soon to be anyways Wink), and general style.css. (stay tuned for
more info from on why this is sooooo cool!)

-100% backwards compatible with GL 1.4.1

-and some /super secret mojo/ from the minds at!

Quel suspense :)