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Media Gallery v1.4.5

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La nouvelle version du plugin est maintenant disponible avec son lot de nouveautés et la correction de certains bugs.

Au programme :

- Les Images Frames : Encadrements réalisés au moyen d'images qui permettent de mettre en valeur les vignettes, images ou albums.
- Support du serveur SQL Microsoft pour les versions de Geeklog 1.4.1 ou supérieure.
- Deux options supplémentaires pour les Auto Tag (link: et autoplay:)
- Navigation possible sur la page d'accueil des albums pour permettre de de présenter les albums sur plusieurs pages.

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I am proud to announce the release of Media Gallery v1.4.5. This version has undergone some internal improvements including better code organization, improvements to how permissions are handled and overall improvements to the album maintenance code. More importantly, we have added a few new features and fixed a few bugs too!

Today also marks the 1 year anniversary of the first publicly available release of Media Gallery. This has been a wonderful year with a tremendous amount of growth and improvement in Media Gallery. I want to thank everyone who has used Media Gallery, provided feedback, testing, ideas, translations and everyone who has supported me over the past year. Thank you, without your assistance and support, Media Gallery would not be where it is today.

What's New in Media Gallery v1.4.5

Support for Image Frames

Media Gallery now allows you to select a custom frame for each image (thumbnail, display image and album frames). Media Gallery comes with several frames already included. Special thanks to the Gallery Project for their work on image frames. Media Gallery's implementation was taken from Gallery v2 and uses a very similar format for the file.

Support for MSSQL

Media Gallery now fully supports using Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005 as the database backend. This is also a new feature of Geeklog v1.4.1 and Media Gallery requires that you have at least version 1.4.1 of Geeklog installed to use MSSQL support.

Enhanced Auto Tag Options

Media Gallery now supports two new parameters for several auto tags:

These new options control whether or not Media Gallery will play a link to the source item and whether or not Media Gallery will automatically begin playing an audio or video auto tag.
Paging of the Album Index

Long overdue, this feature allows you to specify how many rows of thumbnails will be displayed in the main Album Index. Media Gallery will now display page navigation if the total number of albums is greater than the total rows you allow for display.

This is just a few of the major feature enhancements, for a detailed list of all changes, please select the 'Read More' link...

Media Gallery v1.4.5 ChangeLog

[fix] Fixed a bug in the Gallery v1 import where the anonymous permissions were not set properly
[fix] Fixed a bug in the Gallery v1 import where the media owner was not set properly
[new] Added global configuration option to turn off forcing image conversion to JPG
[fix] Slideshow autotag now honors border:0/1 parameter
[new] Added template variable {album_owner} in media gallery index
[new] Added feature to display 'No new media items' in Whats New listing when there are no new media items.
[fix] Album cover would not properly reset when moving all media out of an album.
[new] Implemented album, thumbnail and display image skins (selectable per album)
[fix] Non-admin album owners could not perform the static sort on their albums.
[upd] Added upgrade script for v1.4.5.
[enh] Removed most calls to SEC_hasRight('mediagallery.admin') and replaced with a reference to global variable. This should give a small speedup and reduce the overall server load a bit.
[enh] Enhanced the upload items by implementing a tabbed interface to select between upload methods.
[enh] Implemented a tabbed interface to many of the admin screens to make it look / work a little better for input.
[enh] Cleaned up the album sort screen a bit, remove the album description just use the title and removed the bolding - now looks a little better.
[sec] Media Gallery did not properly filter out embedded javascript in description fields. If enable_html was true, a potential XSS issue existed.
[new] Added paging support in Media Manage
[new] Added support for paging the main index
[new] Added link:0/1 parameter to image auto tags
[new] Added autoplay: parameter to audio/video auto tags
[new] Media Gallery now support using MS SQL as the database system. This requires Geeklog v1.4.1
[fix] Fixed a bug where MG would not use the correct default MP3 player.
[fix] Deleting an album but moving the contents did not reset the media_count or album cover for destination album.
[fix] Cleaned up several issues with including modules on Windows platform
[new] Added ability to review video/audio in media queue and media edit
[new] Rewrote the core code for creating / editing albums
[new] Rewrote the core code for permission handling / checking
[fix] Member albums would not automatically create with MySQL 5
[enh] Added support for Geeklog v1.4 ADMIN_lists to make site stats look better
[upd] Updated the HTML documentation - including updating all links in code

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