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Juillet  2012

2012 GSoC Mentor Midterm Evaluations 9 July - 13 July

Quand: lundi, 09/07/2012 - vendredi, 13/07/2012 Toute la journée
Type: Miscellaneous
Où: Everywhere
Description: Per the program timeline [0], starting 9 July you will will be able to submit an evaluation of your student(s)' progress on their projects thus far. Here's some important info on midterm evaluations for those not familiar: Midterm evaluations are done via Melange [1]. Starting at 19:00 UTC on 9 July you will be able to submit an evaluation for your student(s).You can find the evaluation links on your dashboard under 'Evaluations', one for each student you are a mentor (or co-mentor) for. If you are curious about who can see evaluations after they are submitted, please check out the FAQ on Evaluations [2]. I have also pre-published the evaluation questions below in this email so you can prepare. The deadline is 19:00 UTC on 13 July. You may not submit your evaluation before or after the evaluation window. Please ask your org admin to submit your evaluation for you if you absolutely cannot submit yours during the time allotted. Primary mentors, co-mentors, and org admins may all submit evaluations of their students.**Students must have an evaluation on file from both themselves *and* their mentors in order to receive their midterm payments.** There is no excuse for missing the submission of a student's evaluation. You must submit an evaluation for every student you are the primary mentor for this year. You must fill out the entire survey in one session as there's no auto-save in Melange. You may submit, modify, and resubmit an evaluation as many times as you choose up until the deadline. Please note that failing a student at the midterm evaluation means *this student is immediately removed from the program.* There is no way to fail a student at the midterm and have the student continue with the program to try to "make it up" at the final. If your student fails, your student is out. You might find the FLOSS manual on GSoC evaluations [3] helpful as well. There's some excellent wisdom in there from your fellow mentors and org admins on the evaluation process. Finally, a reminder: This year we will not allow any mentor who misses an evaluation deadline to attend the mentor summit (assuming no one else submits the evaluation on the mentor's behalf before the deadline either). Also, any org that misses 2 or more evaluation deadlines (for the midterm, final, or midterm and final combined) will not be invited to attend the mentor summit this year.