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Date: 2016-01-22 10:48
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Version: 1.4.2
MD5: 97fdfc219d1c7f99545377e42a7f844d
Submitter: Ben
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JQuery plugin for Geeklog CMS provide tools such as lightbox autotag, feedback tab, mediagallery browser for forum plugin



Automatic install
1. As one of your site's Root users

  • Visit {site_url}/admin/plugins.php
  • Upload the plugin archive (.zip) : Select it on your HD and press Upload.

2. If the installation completed successfully you are ready to go. Otherwise, check the geeklog error.log for errors.

  • /logs/error.log

Manual install

  1. Unpack the tarball in /path/to/geeklog/plugins/ (or unpack it on your PC and then upload the "jquery" folder to that directory)
  2. Rename the "admin" folder to "jquery" and move it to /path/to/geeklog/public_html/admin/plugins/
  3. Rename the "public_htmln" folder to "jquery" and move it to /path/to/geeklog/public_html/
  4. Log into your site as the Admin user, select "Plugins" from the "Admins only" block, find the "jquery" entry and click on "install"
  5. There's no step 5 - the plugin should be ready for use now. Check that you have a  autotag in the list of available HTML tags when you create a new story or comment.


To upgrade from an earlier version, please upload all the files from the archive to their respective location, replacing the older versions of the same files or use the automatic way (see Automatic install above).

Once you've done that, log into your site as a member of the Root group (e.g. as user Admin). Go to the Admin's "Plugins" panel.

You can upgrade just by clicking the icon "Update" or click on the "edit" link for the jQuery plugin. You will be presented with an "Update" button. Click that button and you should get a message that the upgrade was successful. That's all.


jQuery plugin configuration is online. Visit {site_url}/admin/configuration.php

Use lightbox plugin Do you want to load the lightbox plugin. Default is no.
Use feedback plugin Do you want to load the feeback plugin.  Default is no.
Lightbox width in px (without px) Default is 75
Lightbox height in px (without px) Default is 75



JQuery plugin provide a lightbox tool. To show a picture from your server (same domain name) or from another domain name in a lightbox, use the lightbox autotag with the picture url.

With jquery plugin version 1.3+ you can now set width and height parameters (in pixel or auto) for the thumbnail width and height. You can also add a title parameter.

If the picture url is from one of the allowed sites:


a thumbnail is create in your images/cache folder (make sure this folder exists and is writable) and display, otherwise you will need to set a title parameter.

See my nice picture

[lightbox :]
[lightbox : width:75 height:75 See my nice picture]


Admin can use the feedback plugin. This plugin allow you to display a feedback form for your site users. To display the feedback tab, witch control the feedback form, you need at less to add the following code to the page where you want the tab appear. You can add it to a block, a static page, a story or to your template.

<div id="contact"></div>

Javascript will replace this div by the Feedback tab.


Demo page for Menu color

With jquery plugin 1.3 datepicker and color picker config where remove from the config. If you need to use these features in your plugins, you can use the files from the jquery plugin like this:

// Date picker
global $_SCRIPTS;
$strext = '/jquery/datepicker/datepicker.js';
$_SCRIPTS->setJavaScriptFile('jquery_datepicker', $strext);
$css = '/jquery/datepicker/datepicker.css';
$_SCRIPTS->setCSSFile('jquery_datepicker_css', $css, true);

// color picker
global $_SCRIPTS;
$strext = '/jquery/colorpicker/ColorPicker.js';
$_SCRIPTS->setJavaScriptFile('jquery_colorpicker', $strext);
$css = '/jquery/colorpicker/ColorPicker.css';
$_SCRIPTS->setCSSFile('jquery_colorpicker_css', $css, true);


Version 1.5 coming soon

  • [fix] mgbrowser for forum 2.9.1 and mg 1.7

Version 1.4.2 Jan. 22nd, 2016

  • [fix] delete in language files
  • [clean] Links to documentation

Version 1.4.1 April 29th, 2014

  • [new] converted to COM_createHTMLDocument for Geeklog 2.0+
  • [update] timthumb script 2.8.13
  • [new] Add migrate plugin. This plugin can be used to detect and restore APIs or features that have been deprecated in jQuery and removed as of version 1.9

Version 1.4.0 Feb 6th 2013

  • [rem] CKEditor plugin, code highlighter
  • [new] Media gallery browser for forum plugin
  • [update] timthumb script 2.8.10

Version 1.3.1 Jan. 20th, 2012

  • [new] Lightbox: hiroron Image file Check
  • [fix] Lightbox title param was not display
  • [fix] update timthumb to version 2
  • [fix] Default external images are now from,,,,,,,,,,

Version 1.3 June 24th 2011

  • [update] to geeklog 1.8.0
  • [update] ckeditor 3.6.1
  • [update] timthumb script 1.28
  • [new] lightbox autotag allow external image but need a title as alternative. External images from,,,,, do not need a title.
  • [new] lightbox auto tag support width and height parameters for thumbnail. Default size is set in config.
  • [new] Remove datepicker and color picker usage in config

Version 1.2 Dec 14th 2010

  • [new] Codehighlighter plugin
  • [new] ckeditor 3.6.1 + ckfinder plugin

Version 1.1 Dec 4th 2010

  • [update] to jQuery 1.4.4
  • [new] Feedback plugin
  • [fix] lightbox image path issue

Version 1.0.0 Initial release May 6th 2010

  • [new]Include jQuery 1.4.2
  • [new] Lightbox plugin
  • [new] Date picker plugin
  • [new] Color picker lightrbox


  The jQuery plugin is made by ::Ben and release under the GPL.


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