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Date: 2015-12-27 18:26
Size: 2,01 MB
Version: 1.7.0
MD5: 12c4cce8581203171f85b217b08eb584
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Media Gallery WKZ (With KZ_Template) is the one to have integrated Media Gallery v1.6.1 Japanese version which is released by maruyo and Media Gallery v1.6.8 which is included with glFusion CMS.
Version 1.6.17

* Fixed issue not work with Geeklog 2.1.0.

Version 1.6.16

* Fixed Slideshow Autotag does not work correctly.

Version 1.6.15

* Updated jQuery Cycle Lite Plugin.
* Updated SWFObject.

Version 1.6.14

* Supported COM_createHTMLDocument function with Geeklog2.0.0.
* Updated Slimbox, AD Gallery and Colorbox.
* Fixed Slideshow (Slimbox) does not work with Geeklog1.8.0 or later.
* Fixed issue Slideshow does not work with Internet Explorer 10.
* Fixed issue error occurs in the search form.

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Mediagallery plugin 1.7.0 2105854 2015-12-27 18:26