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Geeklog 1.5.1 arrive...

Geeklog 1.5.1 is mostly a bugfix release and a recommended upgrade for users of Geeklog 1.5.0. There were also a few minor feature additions.
Security related

* The upload script for FCKeditor could be called directly to upload various media files (but not executable scripts), as reported by t0pP8uZz.
* It was possible to view stories with a publication date in the future and stories that had the draft flag set if you knew their story ID.
* It was possible to post comments on unpublished stories if you knew their story ID.
* When a database backup fails, the database password is no longer logged to error.log.

Other Bugfixes

* All right-side blocks were rendered twice, which not only took more time than necessary, but could also affect the functionality of add-ons like the Chatterblock or Shoutbox.
* Fixed handling of security tokens (for CSRF protection) that prevented you from deleting comments on a story that had trackbacks.
* Other fixes were applied to the user submission queue, story submissions, the list of draft stories and the support for MS SQL.

Fixes in the bundled Plugins

* Calendar: Fixed display of events in the Upcoming Events block for the current day (really this time ...).
* Links: Fixed SQL error when trying to change a category and fixed new categories silently overwriting existing categories with the same ID.
* Static Pages: Fixed printer friendly version when url_rewrite is enabled.

New Features and Improvements

* Includes FCKeditor 2.6.3
* In multi-language setups, blocks can now also be multi-lingual.
* New "Subscribe to ..." feed story option when there is a separate feed for a story's topic.
* New option "All Frontpage Stories" for article feeds (skip stories that have the "Show only in topic" option set).
* Allow to unset Configuration options again after they have been "restored", e.g. after accidental activation.
* Configuration options can now be overwritten in siteconfig.php. This is mostly useful for the $_CONF['rootdebug'] option.
* Remotely authenticated users can now use the webservices (they need to use username@servicename for their username).
Note: OpenID users can not use the webservices, due to technical issues with the authentication method.
* Improved compatibility of the webservices (i.e. AtomPub).

Theme Changes

There was one mandatory theme change: The template file for configuration items, admin/config/config_element.thtml has to be updated (copy from the Professional theme). All other theme changes in this release are optional - see the theme documentation for details.

 07 septembre 2008 - 23:06  

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Enregistré: 18/10/2006
Réponses: 136
Localisation:la rochelle, France
Theme changes in Geeklog 1.5.1

Note: Themes made for Geeklog 1.5.0 are mostly compatible with Geeklog 1.5.1. We only made one mandatory change (for the Configuration admin panel) - all the other changes listed below are optional or adjustments for special setups (e.g. multi-language sites, right-to-left languages). See details below.

Important change: Configuration

The JavaScript code used for the Configuration admin panel used a generic name which caused conflicts with other JavaScript code. You should update the file admin/config/config_element.thtml to make sure your theme works with Geeklog 1.5.1.
Multilingual blocks

The multi-language support for blocks introduced in Geeklog 1.5.1 relies on disabled blocks being swapped in dynamically. If you are using Geeklog's multi-language support, you may need to modify the piece of PHP code in your theme's functions.php so that it picks the correct templates for these multilingual blocks:

PHP Formatted Code
$lang = COM_getLanguageId();
if (empty($lang)) {
    $result = DB_query("SELECT onleft,name FROM {$_TABLES['blocks']} WHERE is_enabled = 1");
} else {
    $result = DB_query("SELECT onleft,name FROM {$_TABLES['blocks']}");

Prior to Geeklog 1.5.1, you will probably only find the first SQL request in your functions.php file.

Other changes

* In Geeklog 1.5.0, the behaviour of the variable {page_title} (in header.thtml) changed so that it now only contains the actual page title or the site's slogan (in earlier versions, it contained both the site's name and either the page title or the site's slogan). This was done so that the combination {page_title}{page_site_splitter}{site_name} could be used to place the page title before the site's name for better SEO. If you prefer to have the site's name first on the index page and the page title first on all other pages, you can now use the new variable {page_title_and_site_name}
* In the Links plugin, links have an icon indicating that it's an external link (taking the user away from the current site). This icon did not show up properly for RTL languages (e.g Hebrew), making the link text unreadable. Since we could not find a way to make it show up properly in this case, the icon is not displayed when the text direction is switched to 'rtl' (for now).
* Added an optional feed-link class to be used for links to feeds (e.g. the new Story Option entry for topic feeds). In the Professional theme, a small feed icon (images/feed.png) is used as a background image for these links.
* An optional change to the comment/commentbar.thtml template file and the commentbar-line2 class in style.css to make the "Post a comment" button float to the left and easier to see. There were no changes in functionality and other commentbar layouts will continue to work as before.
* The story template files archivestorytext.thtml, featuredstorytext.thtml, and storytext.thtml are now using the {story_text_no_br} variable to refer to the story text. Template files that use {story_introtext} here will continue to work as before.

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