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Google has just announced the list of accepted students for this year's incarnation of the Google Summer of Code. For Geeklog, the accepted students and their projects are:

  • Stan Palatnik will write a plugin for Social Networking, mentored by Randy Kolenko
  • Vlad Voicu will be working on a New Calendar plugin, mentored by Vincent Furia
  • Akeda Bagus will improve the Configuration GUI, mentored by Matt West
  • Tim Patrick will implement a Cross Site Publication system, mentored by Dirk Haun

Congratulations to Akeda, Stan, Tim, and Vlad, and we're looking forward to working with you during the summer. To further improve communications with our students, we will also assign each of them a co-mentor this year. Thanks to Tom Homer and Ben (aka cordiste) for helping out in this new role.

Thanks (again) to all those who applied and sorry to those who didn't make the cut. We had almost 50% more applications this year but had opted to go with fewer students, which made decisions especially hard. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your application.


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