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mgslider plugin vers. 1.0

mgslider plugin vers. 1.0

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A plugin to create responsive sliders with images from a mediagallery album

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To create a slider, you just need to add an autotag [ mgslider : XX ] in your article, staticpages, block, forum post... where XX is the album id.

You can also set some parameters in the autotag :

  • auto >> start slideshow on page load (true/false),
  • autostart >> Auto show starts playing on load. If false, slideshow will start when the "Start" control is clicked,
  • autodelay >> time (in ms) auto show should wait before starting,
  • pause >> the amount of time (in ms) between each auto transition,
  • autocontrols >> show play pause buttons (true/false),
  • adaptiveheight >> boolean (true/false),
  • mode >> horizontal, vertical or fade,
  • captions >> display captions (true/false),
  • speed >> slide transition duration (in ms),
  • preloadimages >> use visible if all slides are identical dimensions (all/visible),
  • pager >> boolean (true / false),
  • pagertype >> if full, a pager link will be generated for each slide. If short, a x / y pager will be used (ex. 1 / 5),
  • controls >> if true, "Next" / "Prev" controls will be added (true/false).

See demo page

This plugin is available for download during 7 days after your purchase


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