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Menu plugin 1.2.5 for Geeklog CMS is out

A new file is available in the download area:

Menu plugin 1.2.5

Menu plugin for Geeklog 1.8.0+ allows you to create menus for header, footer, blocks or any element with autotag [menu]. You can also to easily customize the look and feel of your menus by adjusting the values of each colors or choose images for background.

Version 1.2.5 July 31th, 2014

[fix] another compress issue on some server

Version 1.2.4 July 30th, 2014

[fix] compress issue

Version 1.2.1 - 1.2.2 - 1.2.3 July 23th, 2014

[fix] show/hide glfunc div when change type of an element on creation page
[fix] issue with menu_parent.png image
[fix] blank page under IE9

Version 1.2 June 11th, 2014

[fix] show/hide glfunc div when change type of an element on edit page
(fix] the menu plugin can't work if staticpages plugin is not install
[fix] staticpage choice
[new] use colors with the responsive menu (blackground, hover and links)

Version 1.1 April 29, 2014

[fix] sql issue for topic assignment
[fix] comment submission count
[new] make menu plugin available for Geeklog 1.8.0
[new] responsive menu. Need jquery 1.7.0+
[new] custom css folder move in data/menu_data folder to avoid issue during update by archive upload
[new] move cache folder in data/menu_data/cache folder

Read more on wiki

Menu plugin 1.2.5 | Display all files | Upload file


New comment on article : Downloads plugin (beta) for Geeklog 2.1.0

Quote from forum

"The constructor method in include/gltext.class.php should be named to the className i.e. GLTextd()

The visit.php module uses the retrieved url as opposed to the combination of secret_filename

Than, the plugin lacks the downloads folder structures, which is not a problem since they are in place.

I took the plugin without visit.php (used the original) and corrected the class constructor method name."

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