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Plugins for Geeklog 2+

Geeklog 2.0.0 is now available for download.

With Geeklog 2.0.0 we have raised the minimum system requirement if you use PostgreSQL as your database to 9.1.7 or later. The required PHP Version of 5.2.0 or greater remains the same.

There are a number of new features and fixes with this version of Geeklog. These include:

  • Improved strength of password hashing
  • Allow Topics to have child Topics
  • Allow Articles, Blocks and other Plugin objects to be associated with more than one Topic
  • Topic Breadcrumb support
  • Emergency Rescue Tool is included with the Geeklog Install
  • Added support for MySQLi
  • Add Stop Forum Spam and Spam Number of Links Modules to Spam-X
  • A new theme called Denim which is based on Responsive Web Design
  • A new theme called Modern Curve
  • Comments Form on same page as Articles and plugin other Plugin objects
  • Comments RSS Feed Plugin now integrated into Geeklog
  • Includes updated versions of jQuery to 1.9.1 and jQuery UI to 1.10.1
  • Updated FCKeditor version to 2.6.9
  • XSS fixes for the Install, Configuration, Topic Editor, Polls Plugin and Calendar Plugin
  • Twitter OAuth API updated


List of plugins for Geeklog 2.0

Name Version Date Compatible Minimum
Autotags 1.1.0   Yes  
Blog 1.0.0   n/d  
Calendar 1.1.3   Yes  
Captcha 3.4+ 2013-04-09 Yes  
Classifieds 1.2   Yes  
Contact 1.1   Yes  
Documents 1.0   Yes  
Downloads 1.1  2013-04-08 Yes  
Dokuwiki 1.8.0   Yes  
Faq 1.1.0  [1] No  
Filemgmt 1.5.3   Yes  
Flashfader 1.0   n/d  
Flickr 1.2   Yes  
Forum 2.9.0 2013-04-19 Yes 2.0
Googleanalytics 1.2.0   n/d  
Gus 1.7.1   Yes  
Hello 2.1  2013-10-28 Yes 2.0
Jquery 1.4   Yes  
Links 2.1.2   Yes  
Maps 1.2.3   Yes  
Mediagallery 1.6.14  2013-04-20 Yes  
Menu 1.0  2013-06-18 Yes 2.0
Monitor 1.0   Yes  
Multi 1.7.2   No  
Navman 0.2.1   n/d  
Paypal 1.4.3  [2] No  
Polls 2.1.4   Yes  
Purepro  2.0.0   Yes  
Spam-x 1.3.0   Yes  
Socialshare 1.2   Yes  
Sphere 0.2   n/d  
Staticpages 1.6.5   Yes  
Theatre 1.1.1   Yes  
Mediatheque 1.1   Yes  
Vthemes 1.6+ 2013-04-11 Yes  
Wiki 1.0   n/d  
Weather 1.0   n/d  
XMLSitemap 1.0.1   Yes  


If you test a compatibility and you want to share it, leave a comment. Thanks

[1] faq plugin: remove from sql/instal.php file. This is not an issue if you upgrade your Geeklog CMS from a previous version and faq plugin was already installed.

$_SQL[] = "INSERT INTO {$_TABLES['blocks']} (is_enabled, name, type, title, tid, blockorder, content, onleft, phpblockfn, owner_id, group_id, perm_owner, perm_group)
VALUES (1,'faq_random_block','phpblock','FAQ','all',55,'',0,'phpblock_faq_random',{$_USER['uid']},#group#,3,3)";