DokuWiki est un plugin qui permet l'intégration du wiki DokuWiki dans le CMS geeklog. C'est ce plugin qui permet la réalisation des pages du wiki de Cette intégration à été réalisée par Mark Evans et est maintenant maintenue par ::Ben


DokuWiki is a standards compliant, simple to use Wiki, mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind. It is targeted at developer teams, workgroups and small companies. It has a simple but powerful syntax which makes sure the datafiles remain readable outside the Wiki and eases the creation of structured texts. All data is stored in plain text files – no database is required.

The DokuWiki Integration Plugin for Geeklog provides an integration with your Geeklog v1.8.0+ website. This plugin is based on DokuWiki 2011-05-25a “Rincewind”.

This plugin will provide the following features:

  • Integrated user authentication - All Geeklog users will be mapped to DokuWiki. There will be no need to have DokuWiki provide any user administration.
  • DokuWiki's contents will be searched using Geeklog's Search and Advanced Search.
  • Geeklog's administrators (members of the Root group) will have administrative capabilities in DokuWiki.
  • Geeklog groups can be used to assign permissions in DokuWiki.
  • Integration with Geeklog's What's New block.
  • Support for autotags.
  • Automatic detection of the users language setting so DokuWiki will use the same language.
  • DokuWiki will be integrated into the Geeklog site's layout (this is accomplished by using a custom DokuWiki skin).
  • Support for autotags in dokuwiki pages.

System Requirements

DokuWiki has the following system requirements:

  • PHP 5.1.2 and higher.
  • PHP's GD extension for use with libGD 2 (a graphics library) is recommended but not needed
  • DokuWiki should work in PHP's Safe Mode, depending on your hosters configuration you may need to use the safemodehack option
  • DokuWiki is designed to run with PHP's Option register_globals set to off.

This integration is based on Geeklog v1.8.0 and do not work with older versions.

DokuWiki requires that your site be configured with UTF-8 encoding. If you site is not already setup for UTF-8, you may want to consider converting. Installing DokuWiki on a non-UTF-8 site will work, but some characters may get corrupted.


The DokuWiki Integration Plugin follows the standard Geeklog plugins procedure.

Automatic install

1. As one of your site's Root users

  • visit {site_url}/admin/plugins.php
  • Upload the plugin archive (.zip) : Select it on your HD and press Upload.

2. If the installation completed successfully you are ready to go. Otherwise, check the geeklog error.log for errors.

  • <geeklog_dir>/logs/error.log

Manual install

1. Unpack the tarball in /path/to/geeklog/plugins/ (or unpack it on your PC and then upload the “dokuwiki” folder to that directory)

2. Rename the “admin” folder to “dokuwiki” and move it to /path/to/geeklog/public_html/admin/plugins/

2. Rename the “public_html” folder to “dokuwiki” and move it to /path/to/geeklog/public_html/

4. Log into your site as the Admin user, select “Plugins” from the “Admins only” block, find the “dokuwiki” entry and click on “install”

5. There's no step 5 - the plugin should be ready for use now.

For detailed instructions on how to move the plugin files to your server, please see the FTP Install or the Shell Install links. Once you have moved the files to your server, follow the Online Installation Procedures below.

This plugin includes all the required DokuWiki distribution files, so there is no need to download the standalone DokuWiki release.

There are no core DokuWiki source changes. The DokuWiki install.php script has been removed from this distribution for security reasons. It is not needed to install this plugin. The default DokuWiki theme files were also replaced with a theme that have been customized to work in the Geeklog environment.

Once you have copied the files to your server, it is time to actually perform the DokuWiki Integration installation into Geeklog.

DokuWiki must have write permissions to the public_html/dokuwiki/data/ directory and all directories below it. The plugin installer will not check these permissions, please ensure they are writable by your web server.

On new install, you need to rename the acl.auth.php. dist file:

public_html/conf/acl.auth.php.dist → public_html/conf/acl.auth.php

  • Please make the necessary changes to DokuWiki Integration configuration to suit your environment.

With dokuwiki 1.7.0+, you do not need anymore to edit the local.protected.php file located in the public_html/dokuwiki/conf/ directory. Before this version, you have to changed the require_once line to include the full path to your Geeklog lib-common.php file. If you skipped or omitted the above step, you and your users will got a blank white web page when they tryed to access the wiki.

Make Sure Your Install Is Secure

Please take time to read trough the security page, it may have been a while since last time and page may have been updated. For example, is your data directory secure?

As you know, DokuWiki stores all information in files inside the data directory. This directory has to be properly secured. This means it shall not be directly accessible. Not only would this allow to circumvent any ACL settings it may also allow an attacker execute arbitrary code on your server under certain webserver setups.

DokuWiki comes with a preconfigured .htaccess file in the data directory. This is a little config file that tells your Apache webserver to not let anyone access this directory. However if you're using a different webserver than Apache or your Apache is configured to ignore .htaccess files, you need to manually secure your setup as described at the security page.

To check if you need to adjust the access permissions try to access:


When you get a “Access Denied” everything is well.

Upgrading DokuWiki

BEFORE you copy over the new files, make a backup copy of the following files on your site:

  • plugins/dokuwiki/config.php (file do not exist since dokuwiki plugin 1.7.1)
  • public_html/dokuwiki/conf/acl.auth.php
  • public_html/dokuwiki/conf/local.php

To upgrade an existing DokuWiki installation, simply copy the new files over your existing ones. All your wiki pages will be left as they are.

Follow the Installation Instructions above. Once you have all the new files in place, go into Geeklog Plugin Manager, select DokuWiki and choose the Update button.

As dokuwiki 1.7.0 support online configuration but do not read your old config.php file, please rewiew your settings before using this new release.

See also Files to remove.

Configuring DokuWiki

There are a few protected DokuWiki configuration options that cannot be edited:

  • User Manager is disabled by the plugin - user management is done in Geeklog
  • The following Configuration Management fields cannot be edited
    • Use access control lists
    • Autogenerate passwords
    • Authentication backend
    • Password encryption method
    • Superuser

All other DokuWiki configuration settings can be customized to meet your specific needs. For full details on each configuration option, please see wiki:config.

DokuWiki Templates

DokuWiki's layout can be customized through templates (aka. skins). The DokuWiki Integration Plugin must use a customized DokuWiki template to properly integrate the look and feel of the Geeklog site. Included with the plugin are one customized skin call default.

If you wish to change the look and feel, or use a different DokuWiki template, you must make the following changes (at a minimum):

  • add a call to Geeklog's COM_siteHeader() near the beginning of the template
  • add a call to Geeklog's COM_siteFooter() at the bottom of the template
  • remove all HTML header tags (you will need to leave the meta data)

Review the modifications to the default template for examples.

Geeklog Groups and DokuWiki Permissions

After a successful installation, there are two default permissions:

  • Geeklog Root members will be DokuWiki administrators
  • ALL users will have read access

To grant additional permissions, you can map Geeklog groups to DokuWiki permissions. To map these permissions, go into the Admins Only → DokuWiki → Access Control List Management. From here, you will see the group ALL has Read permissions. You can add a new group by entering its name in the text box and selecting the permissions.

DokuWiki does not support spaces or _ (underscores) in the Group names. So these items are stripped from the Geeklog groups. For example, the Geeklog group Logged-in Users will become LoggedinUsers.

Geeklog Integration

The DokuWiki plugin allows you to integrate certain parts of DokuWiki in with your Geeklog site.

What's New Block

You can enable / disable having DokuWiki display new / edited files in Geeklog's What's New Block.

With Dokuwiki 1.7.0 config is now online

Auto Tag

This plugin creates a new auto tag: [ wiki:]. To utilize this tag in your Geeklog articles or forums, the syntax is:


The document id can be found in the URL (the document id for this article is plugins:dokuwiki).

Using DokuWiki

For all usage questions and documentation on how to utilize DokuWiki, please refer to the DokuWiki Web Site.

See syntax for Wiki syntax

Since v 1.7.0 you can use all geeklog autotags in your wiki.

Using Dokuwiki with Multi plugin

The multi plugins allow you to run multiple geeklog sites using one code base.

See Multi documentation

Theming DokuWiki

Know issues

Missing argument 1 for SimplePie_File::SimplePie_File()

When loading the Syntax page, the following error is shown in the page: Missing argument 1 for SimplePie_File::SimplePie_File(), called in public_html\dokuwiki\inc\FeedParser.php on line 52

Possible solution:

in FeedParser.php line 52 change

call parent::__construct();


call parent::__construct($url);

This issue will be fix in the next dokuwiki release (Angua)


v 1.8.1 (November, 17th 2012)

  • Security update for DokuWiki 2011-05-25a “Rincewind”
  • Fix for inc/FeedParser.php file

v 1.8.0 (June, 19th 2011)

  • Updated to DokuWiki 2011-05-25a “Rincewind”
  • Included plugins: autotags, code, note, tablewidth

v 1.7.1 (November, 19th 2010)

  • Updated to DokuWiki 2010-11-07 “Anteater”
  • Remove old call to glfusion COM_404 function
  • Add call to geeklog lib-common.php in feed.php

v 1.7.0 (May, 18th 2010)

  • Online configuration.
  • Default dokuwiki theme (old themes are not available anymore).
  • Support for geeklog autotags
  • Geeklog search integration

Originally written by Marc Evans at

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